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The story of XJ9


Oh boy, this will be something different. Let me start of by saying that if I’m wrong about anything, please do correct me either through the comments or a PM.

Who is XJ9?

XJ9 is a League of Legends player and a severe case social incompetence and absolute narcissism. He had contact with a girl that he called his “girlfriend”, this is where things started going downhill. His so called girlfriend played as Lee Sin on league of legends and for some reason he thought it was a betrayal of some sort… Because of that, he posted her nudes on the internet…
Oh, and he’s also a brony…

Why should I care?

You’re here for cringe, correct? This entire story is a mixture of cringe and rage.

Without further ado, here’s some links that will guide you through this wonderful tale.

First of is his post on the league of legends forum, it’s lengthy but read it, it will be worth it. (Note that the original post on the LoL forums was deleted, you have to use my post from six months ago.)


He has a facebook page. Here’s some screens from his FB, I was blocked for calling him out.




And the link to the page.

A fourteen parter of a stream featuring XJ9. I recommend watching this after reading about him, he’s insane.

And the hero himself.

TL;DR Article about the ordeal.

P.S The said girl who was exposed was fine as hell. Hit me up bby, you know my username here.

Credits to Mr Ass for reminding me of the story and thehandofsatin for correcting grammar.

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  • John

    People like this, are why I dont want to fucking associate my self with this fandom any more. Like, holy shit.

  • Dperia

    Makes a good vi build doe.

  • The Universe

    And his/her facebook page says he/she is an athlete too.

  • Quagsire Smith

    Where the nudes where the nudes where the nudes at.

  • Capps

    2 Friends on Facebook likes his page, what kind of people do I have on my friendslist!?