• polar

    If this is real, I’ll sleep easy knowing he’ll get what he actually deserves when he’s on his own

  • Dictator James

    He didn’t get everything he wanted because his parents are getting a divorce.
    I can’t wait until they give him that Christmas present.

  • bah

    fuckin’ chinese

  • Brian

    He’s had a mac book since he could breathe. MAC BOOKS TURN PEOPLE GAY

  • Aldk

    Faggots and trannies are always whiny cunts.

  • il fookin rek ur kunt m8

    I hope to fucking god his parents just build up the fact that hes going to get something fucking amazing next year, like some sort of sports car or a supercomputer or like 10 fucking Ipads. So his parents just fill up the christmas tree with tons of boxes some huge ones as well and they make sure that he isn’t allow into the garage so he starts thinking its a car and on christmas day when he wakes up, he opens the biggest box and inside is just fucking dog-shit.

    And every christmas following that christmas he gets the same treatment when 4 or so years later when he is old enough to leave home, they get him some good presents so he can finally appreciate things and realise how he wasted years of possible amazing Christmasses.

    Also i wil fookin rape his ass

  • faggot